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Yamwi (Yet Another Maxima Web Interface) is a project devoted to the development of a web interface to the Computer Algebra System Maxima. This interface is written in php.

With Yamwi, you'll be able to perform numerical and graphical computations through the web, both in educational and professional environments.

Yamwi is distributed under the terms of the GNU-GPL license.

What is Maxima-CAS?

Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, polynomials, sets, lists, vectors, matrices, tensors, etc. Maxima yields high precision numeric results by using exact fractions, as well as arbitrary precision integers and floating point numbers. Maxima can plot functions and data in two and three dimensions, as well as animations.

What's Maxima history?

Maxima is a descendant of Macsyma, the legendary computer algebra system developed in the late 1960s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Macsyma was revolutionary in its days, and many later systems, such as Maple and Mathematica, were inspired by it.

The Maxima branch of Macsyma was maintained by William Schelter from 1982 until he passed away in 2001. In 1998 he obtained permission of the US Department of Energy to release the source code under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It was his efforts and skill which have made the survival of Maxima possible.

What do you need to run Maxima?

Maxima runs on Linux, MacOS X and Windows. Although the project pays attention to the mathematical engine, other projects are dedicated to the developement of graphical user interfaces. You can get more information on this from Maxima's web site.

Screenshots of Maxima working on different gui's:

Where can I get information on Maxima?

What is Yamwi?

With Yamwi installed on the server side, it is possible to make all sorts of mathematical and graphical computations through the web. Also, the administrator will be able to add new Maxima modules in order to extend computational abilities and cover concrete needs.

For more information, see the project's page at

There are four working modes: results can be rendered in enhanced ASCII Art, plane ASCII Art, binary images made with TeX, or by the MathJax system. The administrator can select one of them after installation (see README file in the tarball); by default, Yamwi shows the results in enhanced ASCII Art mode.

Screenshots in enhanced ASCII Art mode:

Screenshots in ASCII Art mode:

Screenshots in binary TeX mode:

Screenshots in MathJax TeX mode:

Yamwi on cell-phones:




Yamwi's source code can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Once you have downloaded the compressed source file, place it somewhere accesible by apache and execute the following commands (maybe you need root permissions):

tar -xvf
sh yamwi/INSTALL

See file README_en for more details.

Mario Rodríguez